Tried and Tested

The lovely people over at Cuplitt Cake Club were kind enough to send out some samples for us to try out here at Pet Lamb HQ... check out our findings over on their blog

It would seem they're our new besties so watch this space for more collabs and exciting stuff from all of us!

Keep sweet!

Newcastle Eateries: The Quay Ingredient

You know us lasses love our breakfast, and now we're about to share Newcastle's best kept secret when it comes to the most important meal of the day! Nestled away underneath the Tyne bridge is the Quay Ingredient, the only place to go for a lazy weekend breakfast!

The cafe is small but perfectly formed so sometimes you might have to wait for a table, but trust us, its worth the wait! When you do get seated, Maggie the owner will make sure you're well looked after while Simon (her husband) will whip you up the best eggs you've ever had! Trust us, we know good eggs!

Our personal favourites are the Eggs Benedict with bacon or parma ham, served with extra toast on the side and copious amounts of tea and coffee!

While we think their breakfast's shine, they also serve a cracking lunch menu with sandwiches and salads a plenty! You can check out their full menu here and start planning your next trip....and the next...and the next...and the....ok you get the idea! We love it! Now get yourself down there!

A Bit Of Christmas Spirit

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas! And at this time of year we love nothing more to treat ourselves to a bit of a special tipple!
We know its the Nannas' favourite but guys the Snowball is set for a comeback!

You will need:
Lime cordial
Glace Cherries (optional)

Add some ice to your glass, fill with one part advocaat and three parts lemonade then add a dash of lime, stir it up and garnish with cherries! Easy peasy!

If you're feeling extra saucy feel free to add a shot of your favourite spirit, we're loving ours with a dash of amaretto thrown in for extra sweetness! 

Then sit back, throw on the festive tunes and fairy lights and revel in the christmasiness of it all!


Coffee Sack Cushion


I was lucky enough to have some lovely coffee sacks gifted to me by a friend, they sat around not doing much for a good few month while I thought about what to use them for. Then one day it hit me..... cushions!

These cushions are soooo easy peasy to make, even my terrible sewing skills turned out looking good so there's hope for everyone!

I'll take you through it step by step (although holding hands wont be possible!)....

First make sure you wash and dry your sack in the machine. Mine was smelling pretty strongly of coffee so I added plenty of fabric softener to freshen it up!

Next turn the sack inside out and mark out the shape of your cushion leaving about 1-2cm to allow for the seam. I started from the corner of the sack so I would only have two edges to sew up.

Then you're ready to sew! I used an overlock stitch to make sure it wouldn't come undone. Sew around both sides leaving a small gap to stuff your cushion into.

Then chop off the excess, turn the whole thing inside out and stuff your pillow in, it should really be taking shape now!

All that's left to do now is sew up the gap and taadaa! You've done it!

Bubba the cat thinks it looks really good!


Newcastle Eateries: Yo! Sushi Newcastle

Yo! Sushi's a bit good isn't it? Coming from a person that is a little bit cockly when it comes to fish that's a bit of a statement.  Up until two years ago I'd never even eaten a fish finger and now I'm guzzling raw salmon like it's going out of fashion.  Thanks Yo!

When we were kindly invited to the re-launch of Yo! Sushi's Super Mega Katsu Curry we just couldn't refuse.  We'd already planned a girly trip to the cinema that night so why not start it off with a go on the sushi travellator?  We were warmly welcomed upon arrival with an ice cold glass of prosecco and shown to our booths while the manager explained the concept of their new huge katsu dish.  Get this, for the measly sum of £7 you get a double portion of chicken, prawn or tofu katsu with mountains of sticky rice, and when you inevitably don't finish it gets packed up in a doggy bag ready for your hungry men who are quietly waiting at home.  Amaze!

Since it was Kays first trip to Yo! we decided to grab a few dishes from the conveyor belt and order a portion of my personal favorite, pumpkin korroke.  While we waited for our food the head chef popped over for a chat, we talked about his background in food and how much of a change it is to work in such an open kitchen.  If any of the staff were at all stressed you'd never know, everyone was so laid back and friendly it felt like we were just shooting the breeze with a bunch of chums.

When our katsu arrived we were taken aback by the size, it was huge!  We debated how embarrassing it would be if either of us finished the gigantic dish but even our greedy guts were beaten and we had to get more than half boxed up to go.

Even though we were stuffed beyond stuffed we simply couldn't refuse dessert.  I grabbed a chocolate mochi and dorayaki while Kay opted for the strawberry cheesecake mochi.  Pure greed but we just couldn't resist, don't tell the guys at the gym!

 After having tried quite a few branches of the Yo! Sushi chain we can hands down recommend the Newcastle gang.  Get yourself down for a chinwag and a massive bowl of katsu, we promise it'll last you at least two meals ;)

Yo! Sushi
Fenwick, ground floor
Northumberland Street
0191 406 0801


Cherry Amaretto Sour

As you probably already know Halloween is our favorite time of year!  We really love any excuse to throw ourselves fully into any festivities and this year was no different!
The shop was filled with gory treats and pumpkin in just about everything. Once the week was over and all the hard work was done it was our turn to get out there and celebrate. We donned our best costumes and had some suitably bloody looking cocktails before heading on out to Panic Room, the annual Halloween party at The Baltic.
As we slipped into our costumes we indulged in more than a few of these delicious cocktails, we thought it selfish to keep such a delightful concoction to ourselves so here you go.  You're welcome ;)

Cherry Amaretto Sour
 (Makes 2)

You will need:
10 pitted cherries
The juice of 3 lemons
2 tbsp brown sugar
100ml Amaretto
25ml Bourbon (we love Bulleit Bourbon)

Put the cherries in the cocktail shaker along with the sugar and crush until the cherries are juicy and the sugar has dissolved.

Add the lemon juice, spirits and top the shaker up with ice. Clamp on the lid and shake shake shake until the shaker is too cold to hold.

Pour through the strainer into two glasses filled with ice and extra cherries. Top with lemonade to taste....and enjoy!


Newcastle Eateries: The Bridge Tavern

Craft beer is something that seems to be on the rise in Newcastle.  Not too long ago all we had in the way of after work drinks were the regular chains with one or two little hidden gems dotted around the city.  Since the opening of Brewdog on Dean Street we've been spoiled for choice as dozens of independent pubs spring open with their delicious hoppy offerings.  One such place has been highly anticipated by local brewheads was The Bridge Tavern.  The difference with The Bridge Tavern and other pubs is this one has a microbrewery right there in the bar, cool huh?

Since my other half is quite the beer lover we decided to pop down for lunch and try out their delightfully comforting menu as well as a few sneaky tipples. Their twists on traditional British pub grub is simply perfect for a cold and blustery Autumnal afternoon.

Since the BridgeTavern boasts a range of house brewed beers we thought it would be daft to try anything else.  I went for the Tavernale which was a light beer with a citrus taste while Kris opted for the darker, more complex All Hallows Ale.  Both were delicious but I think I'll take my usual gin and tonic next time.

The menu features everything you'd expect from a pub, beef and ale pie, fish and chips, sausage and mash but with a few lesser seen numbers like the deep fried oysters or haggis toastie (this has been earmarked for a future visit).  Sausage and mash swung it for me, in my eyes the perfect meal for a cold and blustery day.  Kris went for the bacon chop with black pudding and triple cooked chips.  Both meals were utterly delicious, the mashed potato was just so perfect I could have tucked into a huge bowl on its own.

For the purpose of our review we thought it best to try the deserts on offer, all for your benefit of course.  Although the stout float sounded super tempting I just couldn't walk away from the plum crumble smothered in vanilla custard.  I knew what Kris would pick before he'd even glanced at the choices and I was correct, once he spotted the salted caramel ice cream with chocolate sauce and peanut brittle it was all I could do to prevent him ordering two portions.

Again, everything was delicious but I feel my pud could have done with a few more Wintery spices in the crumble, not that it wasn't delicious I'm just a bit of a cinnamon addict.

The Bridge Tavern, in my eyes is one of the best bars in Newcastle.  Good food, good atmosphere, slightly pretentious staff but hey, what do you expect in a place like that.  I'll be back soon!

The Bridge Tavern 
7 Akenside Hill 
NE1 3UF 
0191 261 9966