The Willows Cat Shelter


Those of you that keep an eye on things in our little Pet Lamb world will know that we have been collecting donations for the Willows Cat Shelter since the beginning of the year. As our little tin was beginning to overflow we decided to plan a little visit to drop off our donation and meet some of the lovely kitties in need of homes!

Cyril licking his chops.
We met the lovely Maria at the Willows Cat Shelter in South Shields and she was kind enough to introduce us to some of the gorgeous kitties and talk us through some of the main issues that they have at the minute.

Super cute baby kitties.
Its sharp coming into kitten season and the Willows will soon be overrun by little'uns and their mommas as they take priority in the warmer months. Maria talked us through the importance of neutering cats from as young as 4 months to help get numbers down. Did you know that one unspayed queen can be responsible for up to 20,000 offspring in her lifetime? Wowsas!

Harvey getting ready to go to his forever home.
We were lucky enough to meet and even squeeze these lovely characters while we were there and managed to resist sneaking a few of them home!

We'll be continuing to collect for the Willows so if you'd like to make a donation the next time you're treating yourself to a cupcake be sure to pop something in the tin!

If you'd like to find out more about the Willows visit their website, be sure to check out the super cute descriptions of the kitties, we just love all of the personality that goes into them!

We were also excited to learn that they hold regular coffee mornings at the shelter so we'll be sure to let you guys know the next time tone pops up. You may even find a few Pet Lamb treats there!


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