Chilli Vinegar

You should know by now that we at Pet Lamb have a major soft spot for all things spicy.  We're often found dousing our lunch time slice of pizza with Tabasco or sneaking a spoonful of chipolte chilli paste into our soups and stews.  On one of our frequent visits to Redhouse, home of real ale and bloody brilliant pies, we noticed something odd floating in our vinegar bottle.  Upon closer inspection we discovered that these funny little floaters were in fact tiny dried chillies.  Well this revelation swept over the table in a wave of excitement, the bottle was passed between us to try this spicy condiment using only our fingers.  No, we simply could not wait for our pies to arrive, don't be silly!

Since covering our pie and mash with chilli infused vinegar we've been unable to stop thinking about this delicious nectar.  Surely it can't be too hard to whip something similar up at home, right?  Right!  It's so easy for such high reward.  So easy in fact I can't stop dropping little chillies into everything I can get my hands on. Next up, vodka!!

Chilli Vinegar

Small handful of dried chillies
Bottle of golden malt vinegar
Empty bottle, sterilized

Place a handful of dried chillies, as many as you dare, into the bottom of your empty bottle.  Top up with vinegar and leave to infuse in a cool, dark place for at least a week.  Your vinegar will become more potent the longer you leave it.

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