Lions and tigers and bears

Us lambs have a love/hate relationship with bank holidays.  On one hand it's a day off (hooray!), on the other hand it messes with our weekly routine in the shop.  We like routine, routine is good!  As we'd just closed the old shop, we decided to love the final summer bank holiday of the year and take a day trip to the zoo.  Who doesn't want to spend the day looking at tigers?

South Lake Wild Animal Park is a fantastic open air safari park style experience, only without the cars and the miles of squinting to see a lion.  As you enter you're instantly faced with adorable lemurs skipping around your feet, monkeys swinging through the trees inches above your head and capybaras (my personal faves) chilling by wandering emus.  

We were like kids at Christmas, oohing and ahhing at all of the adorable critters.  When the opportunity came up to hand feed lemurs we almost fainted, grabbing at handfuls of grapes for the canny little furballs.  We can now safely say we can die happy girls after holding hands with a ring tailed lemur while it chuffed down a little grape.

If you are ever in the Lake District for a time or even if you're just passing through, do try and make time to visit this wonderful zoo.  You'll have a blast, we sure did!

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