Newcastle Eateries: Yo! Sushi Newcastle

Yo! Sushi's a bit good isn't it? Coming from a person that is a little bit cockly when it comes to fish that's a bit of a statement.  Up until two years ago I'd never even eaten a fish finger and now I'm guzzling raw salmon like it's going out of fashion.  Thanks Yo!

When we were kindly invited to the re-launch of Yo! Sushi's Super Mega Katsu Curry we just couldn't refuse.  We'd already planned a girly trip to the cinema that night so why not start it off with a go on the sushi travellator?  We were warmly welcomed upon arrival with an ice cold glass of prosecco and shown to our booths while the manager explained the concept of their new huge katsu dish.  Get this, for the measly sum of £7 you get a double portion of chicken, prawn or tofu katsu with mountains of sticky rice, and when you inevitably don't finish it gets packed up in a doggy bag ready for your hungry men who are quietly waiting at home.  Amaze!

Since it was Kays first trip to Yo! we decided to grab a few dishes from the conveyor belt and order a portion of my personal favorite, pumpkin korroke.  While we waited for our food the head chef popped over for a chat, we talked about his background in food and how much of a change it is to work in such an open kitchen.  If any of the staff were at all stressed you'd never know, everyone was so laid back and friendly it felt like we were just shooting the breeze with a bunch of chums.

When our katsu arrived we were taken aback by the size, it was huge!  We debated how embarrassing it would be if either of us finished the gigantic dish but even our greedy guts were beaten and we had to get more than half boxed up to go.

Even though we were stuffed beyond stuffed we simply couldn't refuse dessert.  I grabbed a chocolate mochi and dorayaki while Kay opted for the strawberry cheesecake mochi.  Pure greed but we just couldn't resist, don't tell the guys at the gym!

 After having tried quite a few branches of the Yo! Sushi chain we can hands down recommend the Newcastle gang.  Get yourself down for a chinwag and a massive bowl of katsu, we promise it'll last you at least two meals ;)

Yo! Sushi
Fenwick, ground floor
Northumberland Street
0191 406 0801

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